Fire Retardant Large Artificial Trees for Outdoors

fire retardant artificial fall trees

Magnificent and Grand. These are just two words which define our creation and installation of large artificial trees. With trees standing up to as high as 35’, our projects boast of being some of the majestic and highest creations. What sets our large faux trees apart is the authenticity and the realistic appearance which is due to our refined crafting techniques. Our staff consists of designers and architects who have a vast experience in accentuating big spaces with large silk trees.

Whether you’re a lover of Palm trees or Tropical trees, Pine trees or Bamboo trees, our large faux trees are built according to client’s exact specifications. Whether your requirements are giant or huge, indoor or outdoor, one or multiple trees, we’ll create a masterpiece for you according to your requirements.

Apart from the style statement which our large artificial trees bring to your setting, they also cover the most important aspect – Safety. As increasing number of people are turning to silk plants to ameliorate their interiors, special precautions to protect homes and lives have taken center stage. Keeping this in mind, we have come up with ThermaLeaf. Our large faux trees blend in fire retardant chemicals in leaves and branches which make them absolutely safe from fire hazards.

Our large fake trees make use of natural wood trunks and realistic foliage which give them a stunning lifelike appearance. Ostentatious and adorable, these fire retardant large trees will provide you with years of carefree beauty. Extremely durable and low maintenance, our artificial trees are perfect for creating an audacious yet gorgeous interior decoration. With custom options and wholesale pricing, our plants and trees are an extremely flexible and inexpensive way to add color to your décor.

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