ThermaLeaf® Fire Retardant Faux Pine Tree

fire retardant Pine trees

An all-time favorite evergreen tree for the holiday season, our artificial Pine tree is well-known for its beautiful, lifelike long soft pine needles. A charming and an illuminating addition to your home or office décor, our faux Pine tree is a centerpiece which every onlooker will adore. A stunning piece of art, our large Pine tree exudes warmth and comfort in the atmosphere. Showcasing the majesty of its real counterpart, these decorative trees make use of natural wood trunk and are botanically correct making it incredibly realistic.

Our wide collection consists of Buddhist Pine Tree, Limber Pine Tree, Long Needle Pine Tree, Rocky Mountain Pine Tree, Scotch Pine tree and many others. Crafted with fire retardant chemical, we impregnate each and every leaf and branch with this material to makes sure that your home and office remain safe in case of fire outbreak. Our ThermaLeaf® is tested against various standard test methods, making our artificial Pine tree safe to use.

Our fire retardant Pine trees will grace your interiors and will ensure you a warm and happy holiday season. The stunningly realistic fresh green pine tips and the lifelike trunk of our artificial decoration will add a mesmerizing touch to your holiday backdrop. Handcrafted with fine attention to details, our faux Pine tree will be a majestic addition to any setting and will inject the much needed sparkle and joy to the holiday atmosphere.

Our artificial Pine tree comes with a lifelike appeal and none of the hassles. With minimalistic care requirements and maximum durability, our Pine tree can be custom made to suit your needs. Our wholesale Pine trees are epitome of unparalleled beauty and offer great value for money. So go ahead and cheer up the surroundings with our grand showpiece.

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