Preserved Boxwood Topiary Trees

fire retardant artificial preserved trees

When it comes to spreading cheer and happiness, nothing comes close to the classy beauty of nature. And when it comes to carefree and timeless decoration, artificial plants and trees are the best. For this reason, we have fused the best of both the worlds and created Preserved trees. Our Preserved trees are real plants which have been preserved to capture the texture and color of nature which will spread a sense of calm in your interiors. Perfectly suited for home as well as commercial spaces, our Preserved trees will impart a touch of nature to your dull and uninspiring décor.

The best part about these Preserved trees is its fire resistant capabilities. To ensure the safety of your décor and your loved ones in case of fire outbreak, we have come up with ThermaLeaf. The leaves as well as branches of our Preserved trees are blended with fire retardant chemicals and as such they don’t contribute to the spread of fire. Our fire retardant tree not just brings a soothing feel to your décor but it also gives you peace of mind with its safety aspect.

Whether you’re looking to place these in the lobby or in your patio, in your reception area or entranceway, our Preserved tree will provide a sense of exclusivity to the setting. An elegant piece of decoration for any occasion or interior, these Preserved trees with its natural look and feel will inspire creativity.

Our Preserved trees can also be custom made according to your needs and with wholesale pricing they are relatively inexpensive. With no constant care requirements, our Preserved trees are one of the best interior decorations and will continue to adorn your décor till times to come. So, go ahead and include a piece of greenery in your interiors.

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